Fuelarts x Tezos Accelerator 2023 has stared!

Fuelarts x Tezos Accelerator is the first joint acceleration program for Art+Tech startups. This 11-week online program includes insightful & inspiring learning sessions facilitated by industry leaders, serial entrepreneurs, and investors.

This year’s program interested 120 highly qualified candidates, applying from 40 countries. After a comprehensive analysis and face-to-face interviews, FUELARTS chose the absolute best – just 10 startups focused on developing and empowering the vibrant Art+Tech market:

AerariumChain provides a SaaS solution to support museums from preservation to crowdfunding through NFTs.

ArtSquare.io: Fine Art collecting for anyone.

CHEYNI is building the first NETFLIX economy platform for сollectibles.

Comic 3.0 is building the next generation of Graphic Storytelling for Web3.

Ikonospace is building a new Web 3.0 social network to display and share artworks online.

Kaleido is an interactive media platform that transforms the way art is shared, owned, and experienced.

M1X Labs is building an NFT discovery and curation dApp on the Tezos blockchain.

NFT Biennial - world's First Art NFT Biennial.

Phygital+ is no-code AI Workspace for Art, Design, Tech, and Web3 startups.

Prompt-Sea: securely share prompts with semi-private NFTs.

These startups will have an intense level-up program that includes 12 hours of group workshops where they will learn the best practices to uncover a market fit, refine Investment decks, business models and GtM strategies, develop a professional pitch for their product, improve presentation skills and integrate Tezos blockchain tools with the guidance of the strongest international experts & practitioners. Each startup will also receive 18 hours of individual business & tech mentorship sessions to support them to prepare to raise seed investment in their companies by pushing the product, technical and commercial traction as far as possible within the timeframe and developing a narrative and materials to support a fundraise for their company.

The acceleration phase will culminate in a Demo Day. There are 2.5k Art+Tech / Web3 investors within Fuelarts’ investor relations network that will be invited to the Demo Day, including Artist Capital Management, Gemini, Pantera Capital, Princeville Capital, SBI Investment, Sfermion and other top players in art and the web3 space.