2022 Pre-Acceleration program is finished

New emerging startups graduated from the first specialized Art+Tech and NFT accelerator FUELARTS on 21 June 2022.

These programs were designed for Startup Founders & Сultural Entrepreneurs, Art Managers & Gallery Owners, Artists & NFT Creators and Students. Our team is happy with the results of the extensive work and presentation of “early- stage” startups. We wish our graduates success and grit in their realization!”

Key facts about FUELARTS PRE-ACCELERATION programs (2022):

- 4 weeks, 3 days/week, 30+ workshops, 46+ academic hours
- 15+ individual mentoring hours with every participant
- 1000+ questions discussed
- 23 mentors and professional investors from Ukraine, USA, Switzerland, France, Italy, UK, Indonesia, Ecuador
- 32 participants from Ukraine, South Korea, Israel, USA, France, Italy, Slovakia, UK
- Startup ideas: global art guide app; app “Spotify for Metaverse”; a platform for creation and monetization of the art museums’ online exhibitions; blockchain-based project to aggregate all NFT in one place; accelerator of environmental progress by Art, Culture, and Technology; virtual influencer app.