Fuelarts Art+Tech Startups Report 2024 is released

The report comprehensively explores investments within Art+Tech startups throughout 2023, spotlighting AI enterprises and showcasing conversations with leading experts in the field.

It underscores the pivotal role of AI, thoroughly examining the investment patterns in AI-driven Art+Tech startups witnessed in 2023.

Furthermore, the report offers a forward-looking analysis on investment trends in the Art+Tech industry for 2023, integrating insights from startups, strategic analysts, and the Fuelarts platform.

Fuelarts Art+Tech Startup Report 2024 includes case studies and interviews with Oluneye Oluwole (One Global), Severin Zugmayer (New Renaissance Ventures), Alex West (ArtCloud), Jorge Cortes (BitBasel), Asya Nikolaeva (CityX), and AI/ML Expert Misha Kazekin.

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