Art Collectors' Field Guide Fall 2022

FUELARTS in collaboration with THE ART PARTNERS, is releasing a guide with recommendations on building contemporary art collections in an economically turbulent and politically challenging climate. This Guide focuses on the main challenges of art collecting in H2 2022. It provides collectors with necessary data and key facts, giving a clear picture of today's market.

Through a deep historical review, this guide explores crises, epidemics, and wars from the art market retrospective. It gives an answer on how to build a digital art collection during a bear market. The guide’s authors offer do’s and don’ts in art collecting today for both physical and digital art, trying to unite and build communication between these two different groups of collectors.

Besides, the guide’s forecast on the future of art collecting will be helpful for art market professionals. Along with analytics, the guide includes interviews with key industry leaders. Among them: Abraham Post - a collector, investor, and founder of Visual Capital, Auronda Scalera and Alfredo Cramerotti - the founders of XXNFT (art curating, collection management & publishing business).

Download your copy here.