The main focus of the report is cumulative investments in Art+Tech & NFT Startups in 2022. It gives the market overview, investment numbers and portraits of investors, overviews trends and opportunities in both the Physical Art+Tech market and the Digital & NFT space.
The Guide focuses on the main challenges of art collecting in H2 2022. It provides collectors with necessary data and key facts, giving a clear picture of today's market. Through a deep historical review, this guide explores crises, epidemics, and wars from the art market retrospective.
About Fuelarts
Fuelarts is an investment platform, specialising on the Art+Tech industry. Our mission is to support the development of the emerging Web3 ecosystem, backing daring entrepreneurs, while they are building a more efficient, transparent, and accessible Art market.

In 2019 Fuelarts was founded by serial entrepreneur Denis Belkevich and former COO of Christie's Americas, ex-Senior VP of Artnet Roxanna Zarnegar. Our vision for Fuelarts is not only to be an investment vehicle but a platform, merging Art and Capital. Since 2022, Fuelarts includes 3 main divisions:

Fuelarts Accelerator provides tools to support founders of Art+Tech startups.
Fuelarts Insights shares content & analytics to engage and develop the Art+Tech community.
Fuelarts Capital is a venture arm, investing in accelerator graduates and infrastructure leaders.
The art market ecosystem is pretty complicated, but it gives a great opportunity to find alternative assets with low volatility for your portfolio. Keep expertise on art business at your fingertips with Fuelarts - THE FIRST DEDICATED investment platform FOR Art+Tech & NFT
Denis Belkevich, General Partner, Fuelarts


  • Founders, experienced in finance, development, supply chain, and education in the art world
  • Tools to support networks & to make the art market more efficient, transparent, accessible
  • Relationship-based private investor services & community to connect all Art+Tech ecosystem stakeholders
  • Several levels of mentorship to be sure accelerated startups are prepared for the art market, making them trusted for investors
  • global network with key art world players, with the main office based in NYC — the center of the art market
  • 2019 contributor of Deloitte Art and Finance Global Report, presented the results in Monaco on October 17, 2019
Download Deloitte Art & Finance Global Report 2019 containing an Art+Tech report by Roxanna Zarnegar and Denis Belkevich

(pages 177-179)

Denis Belkevich
General Partner & CEO, Fuelarts
Born in 1981 in Ukraine, Denis is a professional art economist, manager of cultural projects, art investment & collection management consultant and visiting lecturer at Sotheby's Institute of Art and Parsons School of Design (New York). Denis graduated from Sotheby's Institute of Art in 2013, taking Post-Grad course at Kyiv Contemporary Art Institute in 2016.

Held the position of Managing Director of the Contemporary Asian Art Fair at GAAB and Project Manager of the Peter Konchalovsky Foundation. Currently contributes as the International Development advisor to Cube, a non-commercial platform under the patronage of Dr. Uli Sigg (Switzerland). Board Member of the International Association of Asian Art Collectors.

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  • Roxanna Zarnegar
    Co-Founder, Fuelarts startup accelerator / Ex-Vice President, Artnet / Ex-COO, Christie's Americas
    Roxanna served as Chief Operating Officer of Christie's Americas, developed several strategic plans, and was a key member of the launch of Christie's online auctions.
    She specializes in strategic management with a concentration in supply chain innovation for the art world. Roxanna served as Senior Vice President of Auctions and Private Sales at Artnet and was awarded a Webby Award.

  • Katya Kohen
    Partner at Amadeo, a New York-based VC firm / ex-co-founder of Starta Accelerator/Starta Ventures
    Comes with over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship and VC. She is an active angel investor, mentor at 500 Global and Techstars. Co-founded Starta Accelerator, an expansion of New York-based VC firm Starta Ventures. Total investments attracted by Starta portfolio exceeded $90M in both traditional VC rounds and crypto-assets. Achieved 12 exits for her funds in a 4-year time span generating 8x returns for LPs.

  • Sonia Stubblebine
    Project Manager
    Art Historian, Art Manager. 5 years in Art Market / Art+Tech


  • Daria Rzhavtseva
    Business Development Manager
    Art & Business Entrepreneur. 9 years in Business Administration / Art Market / Art+Tech


  • Jeff Eshleman
    Investment Relations
    Professional Investment Analyst / Portfolio Manager. CEO at Amadeo Global / Angel & VC


  • Anna Shvets
    Chief Communication Officer
    Art Manager & PR Manager. 20 years in Art Management / Cultural PR. CEO of TAtchers' Art Management


  • Victoria Zavyalova
    Head of Brand Culture and Storytelling
    Media professional. 10 years in content strategy & storytelling for tech products. Co-founder of The Vertical


  • Olena Yara
    SMM Manager
    Studies Law, Philosophy & Sociology. 3 years in SMM / Crypto Community


  • Alexey Kohanov
    Art Director
    Graphic Designer. 22 years in Design / UX / UI


  • Yana Barkova
    Designer & Photographer. 7 years in graphic / 3D design

"The accelerator's mission is to bridge the gap between art and technology by supporting early-stage startups."
TG Daily
"The New York- grounded accelerator aims to make the art request more effective, transparent, and accessible."
Tech Bullion
"Fuelarts plans to invest the funds raised in solutions focusing on provenance, transactions, gamification, and more."
American Entrepreneurship
"The accelerator is providing tools that support founders of Art+Tech startups experienced in finance, development, supply chain and more."
CEO Magazine
"Unlike many sectors, the Art+Tech market thrived under pandemic conditions. During COVID, art-focused startups raised nearly 60% of the industry's total investment over the last two decades."
Yahoo Finance
"Fuelarts accelerator intends to become a VC, which would help startups adapt their business models to shifting market demands."
Market Watch
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