June 2023. 4-weeks. Equity-free. Online.
Unique educational program to launch and develop your Art+Tech and NFT project

Created by global NFT, blockchain, and Art+Tech market professionals jointly with venture investors
Fuelarts PRE-ACCELERATION is an educational program tailored for people looking to acquire the necessary knowledge and tools for launching businesses for exponential growth

Denis Belkevich
General Partner, Fuelarts
The program employs a combination of techniques and methods that are designed to develop and cultivate an entrepreneur's business acumen and strategy skills, impart vital knowledge, and establish a well-developed networking platform for building investment-attractive projects
We are committed to ensuring that you graduate with a well-developed project that is ready for investment
We are committed to helping you build a sales-verified business model and elevate your business acumen and strategy skills. We are able to achieve this and more thanks to our well-grounded choice of tools for developing investment-attractive businesses. We also provide a unique platform for interacting and sharing experience with professional investors and entrepreneurs who have managed to build highly successful billion-dollar businesses. All these factors make the program an exceptional platform for growth and development
program is perfect for
Startup Founders & Сultural Entrepreneurs
  • Get professional support on your entrepreneurial journey
  • Receive guidance and practical tools for scaling up your startup
  • Explore the intersection of Art, Technology and Business
Art Managers & Gallery Owners
  • Understand the digital transformation of the Art Market and its future
  • Expand your Art Management expertise
  • Successfully conduct professional activities based on latest analytics and trends
Artists & NFT Creators
  • Receive guidance and practical tools for your career in the Digital Art Market
  • Become visible in the NFT space
  • Navigate the NFT world with us and get the secrets of monetizing your art globally
Students & Young Professionals
  • Understand the REAL Art World and its Digital realm
  • Get insights to one of the fastest growing industries
  • Open professional networking opportunities to start your career in Art Business
June 2023

Pre-acceleration course
Choose one of our 4-week online courses:
- Classic Art+Tech startups
- Digital & NFT startups

Apply, pay the fee, take a course, do homework, prepare your pitch deck
July 2023

Mentoring session
Send a request for a session

Get 1-hour online mentoring with Fuelarts' experts

Receive an invitation to the pitch contest
End of July 2023

Pitch contest

Only 5 startups from each course will be invited to participate in the online pitch contest after the mentoring session

An online pitch contest will allow you to meet your first investor
Aug 2023
Invitation to our strategic advisory acceleration program
The winner of the contest receives:

- $15K for prototype development by our technical team

- an invitation to Fuelarts' strategic advisory acceleration program
classic Art+Tech startups
Digital & NFT startups
  • Natasha Le Tanneur
    Over 15 years of experience in all aspects of taking a start-up from concept to full funding and successful acquisition by Christie's Auction House.
    Founder of ArtPaie, Former Sales Lead Artnet & Collectrium

  • Katya Kohen
    Over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in the startup ecosystem and corporate world. Invested in and mentored over 100 startups. Partner of Amedeo Global Investment Group, Ex-Executive Director Starta Ventures. Co-founder FMoney Club

  • Diego Berrio
    Investor & Advisor in VC, PE, Private lending, Corporate Finance, and Strategic Planning. Diego has excelled in fundraising, capital deployment as well as in financial management and strategic advisory. Managing Partner at Amadeo VC, NY

  • Petr Voynitskiy
    BusDev Director with 15 years of experience, founder of RadioButton Tech Production. For the last 5 years, Petr has been developing software solutions such as blockchain ecosystems as Sansera - a multi-purpose software for token issuance

  • Maria Savelieva
    Established brand manager and marketing/digital marketing specialist in strategic media planning/finance and project development for 13 years in advertising agencies and retail trade companies like Lacoste, G-Star, Ecco, Camper etc.

  • Tim Kompanchenko
    "Technology is not replacing what's happening in the art market. It's only enhancing it." — Timothy Kompanchenko, Artory's CTO. Former CTO & Innovation Lead Christie's

  • Danny Setiawan
    Founder of CoCreate Consulting, the combination of Enterprise, startup, and educational experience. Yahoo! Finance, The Economist, PwC, Pitney Bowes, and more

  • Simon Vagapov
    Simon's expertise spans from Blockchain and WEB3.0 to specialized consulting in tokenomics. He's also been instrumental in driving international sales, aligning with Fortune-500 brands, and co-founding the groundbreaking WEB 3.0 platform, CollectiveWeb.

2021 batch Graduates
On October 28th, 2021 Fuelarts Demo Day presented four graduating companies that are addressing various issues within the Art Market. The startup pitches were preceded by an overall introduction of the post-pandemic Art+Tech world and a 40-minute panel discussion with Art Market and VC investment experts including:

⁃ Roxanna Zarnegar, Co-founder Fuelarts, ex-COO Christie's Americas, ex-Senior VP artnet.com
⁃ Natasha Le Tanneur, Founder of ArtPaie
⁃ Katya Kohen, Founder & Partner in FMoney, Managing Partner of Amadeo
⁃ Denis Belkevich, Founder & CEO of Fuelarts

0:00 Introduction / 7:26 Panel discussion / 41:00 Artherium
V-Art / 57:40 FreshorTrash / 1:05:15 Sarturn