The research is focused on Art+Tech & NFT ecosystem, portraits of the investors, analytics on the specialized funds that are ready to invest in this sector.

We present interviews with key stakeholders of the industry. In this section we have included interviews with Head of Pace Verso Ariel Hudes, NFT collector and venture capitalist Ryan Zurrer, co-founder of Artfacts and Limna Marek Claassen, Head of Finance and Operations at Galaxy Labs Mohnish Mehta, Art Blocks's COO Hugh Heslep and Amadeo Global's CEO Jeff Eshleman.

The latest report by Fuelarts intends to support the market and its representatives by presenting current state of the market and revealing positive trends in investments into Art+Tech & NFT sector.
The report will be released on September 15th 2022. Please provide your email to request a free copy:
The 70-page report is a unique study on Art+Tech & NFT Ecosystem, revealing data on startups' geographical distribution, stages of startups' development, and investment attractiveness over the past 30 years. FUELARTS' analytics presents data on the type of investors in the ecosystem and shares key problems and solutions in the field. Also, for the first time, the activity of female-founded startups is analyzed.

In particular, the report answers the following questions:

· Was 2021 the most successful year for startups in terms of investments?
· What type of investors were more active in Art+Tech in 2021 and why?
· Who led the TOP in terms of investments last year - a startup from the physical art market or the NFT one?
· How do art startups created by female founders correlate with their vitality and financial success?
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